Our vision

To be one of the most respected companies in India; recognized for challenging conventions and delivering on our promises.


To be a driving force in creating a confident future for our people, our customers, our shareholders and our nation.

core strengths

We believe it is our employees who make ACC the brand that it is today. The biggest strength of the Company lies in its people who work tirelessly to fulfill its aspirations, while upholding its values, which are:

customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Delivering value to our customers through our products and services is at the core of our business. We strive to ensure that the customer – the most valued among our stakeholders experiences value in every transaction. ACC creates deep-rooted engagements with end-use customers, and our initiatives to drive commercial excellence are shaping the future, with new and innovative concepts.

customer satisfaction


As one of the most reputed companies in the cement industry, we intend to deliver operational excellence through our teams’ top performance with continuous benchmarking of our operations. Manufacturing is the mainstay of our ambition to shape the future. At ACC, we set the benchmark in quality and productivity, adopting global best practices in our quest for excellence.


Employee Well-being

We are a company that is often acknowledged as one of the “best places to work” in the cement industry. At ACC, we believe that people are the pillars of the Company and a happy workforce translates into greater productivity. We strive to create an environment where employees realise their full potential, contribute to the best of their ability and are adequately recognised and rewarded for their efforts. From time to time, the Company reviews and adopts schemes that take into account the changing needs of its dynamic and diverse workforce and seeks to make their lives better. ACC is an organisation of equal opportunities and strongly opposes any kind of differentiation on the basis of gender, community, ethnicity and creed.


People Process

ACC has clearly stated guidelines for all major people processes, such as recruitment, separation, career advancement, performance appraisal, professional and employee ethics, and code of conduct. Above all the Company’s people policies and processes enshrine equal opportunities to all and are non-discriminatory with regard to gender, caste, creed, ideology or other opinion – social, political or religious. As a result, ACC employees represent different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds from all parts of the country. The human resource management system provides due processes for employee consultation and participation in organisational development and policy formulation. At plants and mines, there are recognised trade unions affiliated to various central trade union bodies. About 52% of permanent employees are members of recognised employee associations.

customer satisfaction


Innovation is part of our business culture and our teams constantly strive to challenge the conventions of the cement industry. ACC is leading from the front and constantly pushing the boundaries by developing modern product and service solutions that score high on performance, durability, strength and power.